Your Life Is Your Responsibility

Published: 11/13/2019

Many of us have heard the statement “Be the CEO” of your life. It’s become popular over the last five or so years and there is a book that came out with that very title by Veera B. Budhi, in 2017.

The subject of full personal responsibility has always been core to who I am. It may feel scary at first but it becomes so empowering. I believe we all make our own luck to an extremely large extent. I wanted to share a handful of the best tips I’ve seen on the subject of responsibility in our lives.

1. The responsibility of health, wealth, and happiness lies within an individual 100%. I am currently dealing with a very scary health situation with someone in my family. I know job loss happens as I see it daily in my business and have experienced it personally. None of these things or what you are currently dealing with is easy, but we are still responsible for making the best “move forward” decisions no matter what comes our way. We can still steer and control the controllables.

2. Since we have this responsibility, we get to choose the people on our Board. Yes, your very own Board of Directors. These people must be trustworthy, supportive of your endeavors and positive or they don’t get a seat.

Who’s on your Board? Identify them.

3. A CEO sets the purpose and goals of their company. It is up to each of us to set the purpose and goals for our lives. Those need to be clearly defined. What are yours?

4. Companies have departments. What departments do you have? There’s family/friends, career, health, financial, spiritual, home, recreation/fun, self-development at a minimum.

How are you managing those departments? Are they performing in the way you want? It’s easy to focus on only a few departments, like our careers and neglect other ones. Each department has its purpose and deserves adequate attention.

5. What has happened so far in your life isn’t the end of the story. You get to decide that. Take full responsibility now.

6. Make sure you invest in yourself consistently. Take time to study, read, learn and stretch your mind. Take classes on subjects you are interested in to advance your understanding and business acumen. Have a trusted mentor. Get that life coach to help you take the next big step in your development.

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