When In Doubt, Do This

Published: 11/13/2019

Have you ever had a decision looming and you couldn’t make up your mind about what to do? We all have! Here are some great tips on how to handle those situations. I’m going to break this down into two different types of situations.

First, the really big decisions. You know, those life changing ones.

Second, the everyday decisions. Here’s the thing. We can get hung up on small decisions as easily as big ones! Have you ever had a meal with someone who just can’t make up his or her minds about lunch? They waffle, discuss, ask you your opinion. The waitress comes back for the fourth time. The pleasure of the meal diminishes. It’s just lunch.

For the really big decisions, remember that for a time, the cure for stuck is still.

Get still. Spend some time alone.
Go deep and write out the options there in the quiet time.
Ask a trusted advisor or friend their opinion.
Don’t conduct a poll. Too much input muddies the water.
Most big decisions give us ample time to think.
We just have to get still. I’m repeating that because that’s where people can fall down. They don’t take the time for their internal wisdom to kick in. It’s there waiting on us.

Ah, those every day decisions.

Pick something. There are only a few choices in life that are make-or-break decisions. You just need to do something.
Move forward. Take action. The best way to beat indecision is to take that first step. The rest will come more easily.
Accept consequences. If it doesn’t work out, move on. Learn from your mistakes. What’s that next choice?
Failure is a necessary part of our learning as human beings. Don’t see failure as you not being able to do something. It’s actually a benign process that you can use to analyze your actions. It’s an automatic feedback system that provides detailed accuracy. The only guaranteed failure comes from not taking action.
We are never going to have all the facts or answers. Life is full of uncertainty and with the right attitude, that’s part of the thrill of being fully alive. Risk is a part of every choice we make.

As always my friends, it comes down to action. That is the first hard step and then it all becomes easier.

The initial fear over taking an action subsides in about 20 seconds after we take the first step. Really. You can do that.
The more we exercise our decision muscle, the stronger it becomes.
Action becomes habitual.
You will come to enjoy your decisiveness.

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