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Published: 11/13/2019

Are you a mid-life or better woman?  January is a great time to consider joining Mojo, my group coaching offering especially for women at mid-life!

I wanted to use this chance to remind you about Mojo as we enter another wonderful New Year. It’s the best time to get some additional support coming your way!

Mojo kicked off in September of last year and has grown steadily since then. It’s a close-knit community that’s small enough that you can be heard, get your questions answered, and still benefit from a tight-knit group dynamic.

Do you have big goals and ambitions? Some dreams that are not yet realized?

Would a group coaching experience with other women enhance your life by giving you support, coaching tools, innovative ideas, and the chance to develop relationships with other women who are experiencing the same time of life and some similar situations that you are?

Our topics cover great coaching tools. We also discuss careers.

The Power Women have – that they don’t even recognize. Finances. Finding your own unique freedom. Self Assurance. Navigating Change. Confidence.

Topics you can use to guide your decisions. Improve your life. Grow your mind. Have an outstanding 2019 that’s just what you want. All with the focus on women at that wonderful mid-life stage.

Mid-life just isn’t the same as it used to be. I am so thankful for that. We love longer AND enjoy better health and those two factors are a powerful combination for you to make your future just what you want it to be.

The Mojo group meets twice a month for about 45 minutes for a live group coaching session with me and the cost is only $39 a month for those two sessions! That’s a great deal!

We use Zoom Technology so we can see and hear each other. All the coaching sessions are recorded and put in a Private FB group for playback so you never have to miss a session. That FB group is THE place to interact with each other, provide and receive encouragement AND check out resources that include websites, articles, books, and shopping recommendations.

Let’s make the next stage of life the best stage of life, together.

It takes all your life to become who you are.

Let’s Roll!!

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