Top 10 Hard Facts on Why Goal Setting Fails

Published: 11/13/2019

We have read ad nauseam about goal setting. We set off! Ready to conquer and committed, but don’t always succeed. Here are the most compelling reasons why. It’s all about NOTHING!

1. NOTHING is in writing.

Written goals are 42% more effective than goals in our minds. A piece of paper, a vision board, multiple post-it notes all enhance chances of success. The more places we see ‘em, the better.

2. NOTHING is planned for when goals derail.

Because they will. Progress is never a straight forward line in one direction. Have a plan on who you can talk to or what you can read about to re-motivate you. This is where a coach can come in very handy.

3. NOTHING is prioritized.

It is great to have multiple goals IF they are force ranked. Write them all down. Rank them. Pick no more than three for now and have one as a priority.

4. NOTHING is done except by you.

It is wishful and ineffective to think someone can or should do anything except support you in your goals. Why would we want anyone else in charge of our lives? “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” is the only way to successfully play this.

5. NOTHING feels doable.

Overcome the overwhelm and ignore the big forward moves. Tiny, forward Turtle Steps will get you anywhere you want to go! Contact me for a free exercise on how to do the Turtle Step.

6. NOTHING is committed.

Decide on a weekly time commitment in the form of hours (or even minutes) to work on the goal and honor it. A goal without actions is nothing but a dream.

7. NOTHING is clarified.

Ask yourself why you want this goal. How will you FEEL when you get it? We are always after the feeling we will get when we accomplish set goals. Always… get the feeling in your mind, capture it, and replay it to keep your motivation strong.

8. NOTHING is rewarded.

Rewards reinforce behavior. Pick out a juicy treat and give it to yourself when you hit a certain milestone. This does not need to be expensive, but you do need to reward yourself.

9. NOTHING was that important.

The goal we thought we wanted wasn’t important enough to our essential self in the end. It felt good to think about but not meaningful enough to see through.

10. NOTHING changes.

Goal achievement requires change.  Many don’t process that fact consciously. Effort will need to increase. This shift can be one more degree of focus or 15 more minutes of time.

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