Kick Job Change Fear to the Curb

Published: 11/13/2019

It’s normal to feel some trepidation about a job change. It’s stepping out into the unknown and no matter how much we know about the opportunity, our careers are an integral part of our lives on many levels.
Here are three exercises that will help you work through job change fear.

Exercise 1: Use your Body Compass

Go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and you have some time for the exercise. Relax your mind. Sit still. Close your eyes. Go into the core of your body. Take your time with these steps.
Ask the question of your body about the new opportunity or leaving your current job. How does it feel? Not what you think, but what the body feels.
The feeling will either be expansive/open/positive/uplifting or closed down/negative/detrimental.
Positive change always, always tastes like freedom. There may be some fear, but you’ll feel the sense of freedom.
Trust the answers your body gives. The body knows things a long time before the mind catches up to them is a favorite mantra of mine.

Exercise 2: Flip the Fear

Ask yourself these questions. To get the best results out of these questions and move away from fear, it’s necessary that you answer each of them in writing. These are not one-word answers. Dig deep.

What are the results of not making a change? You may find that there is more concern in staying than in moving on.
Is your current job having a negative impact on your life in terms of stress, life balance, travel time, relationships or anything else that’s a concern for you?
What does success look like to you? You are looking for specific answers here. Take the focus off fear and get honest with yourself on what you are looking for. It could be a better commute, money, shorter hours, working from home, a perfect opportunity, outstanding benefits or a host of other things. Does the new opportunity provide those things?

Exercise 3: Recognize the Gift of Fear

Yes, fear is a gift. Fear is a part of our biology designed to keep us safe. That fast beating heart, sense of anxiety and overwhelming desire to run is great for an encounter with a saber-toothed tiger. Physical dangers are the reason for fear biology. They aren’t helpful in modern day decision-making.

Fear tells us that something is vitally important. In the case of a job change, it’s a reminder that this is an area in which to exercise vigilance.
Fear invites us to explore why we are having the feelings. What’s really beneath the initial flush of what we call “fear”? Write down your answers to this question as well.

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