How To Be Productive in January

Published: 11/13/2019

What do you want to get done the rest of this month?

The holidays are now over. That always feels a bit like a relief to me. I love the parties, food, family, friends – and then I’m ready to get back to a routine. I find comfort in that routine when I’ve been out of it. So, I’m back to normal food, my exercise routine, my clients, my business– my life.

January makes the New Year real. The glitter of the holidays is done and reality sets in. So… what do you intend to do in January? Here are some ideas:

1. Relook at your New Year’s Intentions/Resolutions. Get them clear in your mind. Do this several times a week. Yes, it is necessary to write them down. A written goal is 40% more apt to get done than one we just talk about. Pen to paper, please.

2. Get your career/job ideas clear. I’m going to be talking to you next week on my FB Live about solid ideas of what to pay attention to in a New Year around your job. You won’t want to miss that. There’s great information I’ll be sharing.

3. Clean it up. Your car. Your house. A closet. A drawer. The refrigerator. I promise you will feel so much better!

4. Get your taxes ready to go to the CPA/Accountant/Your favorite online program. You don’t have to have all the pieces to pull your information together.  When that last W-4 and savings statement comes in the mail, be ready to get this onerous task handled.

5. Plan your vacation(s). I know I am. Travel is super important to me so I always use January to look at where I want to go and start checking out options and costs. Yes, I have started!

6. Here’s an easy add-on with great benefits. Incorporate gratitude NOW for everything you’ve been given and in advance for everything you want. On the website happier there is a great article and graphic around 31 reasons to practice gratitude. The rewards are so much deeper than what we expect and include improved sleep, more optimism, better goal achievement at work and more resilience. Check it out here!

7. Broaden your mind! There’s a list called 100 books to read before you die. On goodreads. Download it and START with some outstanding classics that you’ve heard about but not gotten around to. Then pick another book. Reading is the best self-education you can buy for a bit of pocket change and it can change your life. Here’s the link!

8. Finally, look at life this year as an opportunity to enjoy yourself – and DO SO.

Give me a shout via email at if I can help you reach your goals this year. The price of individual coaching is small compared to the cost of not achieving your full potential. I can help.

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