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If you are like most of my clients, you’ve already had great success in your life and career, however, you want more out of life than what looks good on paper.

You want to:

Achieve your life's purpose

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You’ve been committed to your professional life… and you know there’s more you want to achieve, right?

Brenda Holley
Do you…

...feel like you no longer have a choice in the direction of your career?

Your work is of vital importance to you and you have come so far, but the passion for your career that you once had is gone.

...find yourself saying, "It's ok. It pays the bills," when referring to your career?

You feel stuck in a professional rut with severe burn-out and no motivation to improve your career path.

...want more fulfillment in your career with a clear path to a new goal?

The thought of slowing down to examine your career that has so much uncertainty and restlessness, feels overwhelming.

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Client Testimonials

A few months ago I left my job. I knew I wanted to go in a new direction in my career but just struggled to get organized. After going at it alone for a few weeks I knew I needed help. That help was Brenda Holley. She helped me organize my work history with a new results based resume, she got me to identify the qualities in a company I was looking for, and made me realize that there were a whole lot of organizations that were looking for me. She never told me what I had to do to find a new career, she asked questions, and allowed me to find my way. She created a process and after receiving multiple offers I am on my way to getting back to what I love to do. Thank you Brenda.

Adam Nimorwicz


I worked with Brenda as a recruiter for a local firm. Her expertise comes across clear as a bell, especially in the areas of recruiting and the job search. She is a wonderful listener and she truly cares about getting the best results (by making the best placement) for both client and job candidate.

Allison Bishop


When I started working with Brenda, I was looking for more clarity in what I wanted from life as I transition out of my career and into early retirement. Brenda's coaching techniques have given me better insight into myself and what I really want in the next chapter of my life. She has helped me to identify and prioritize my interests and goals, take action, and even pivot as needed when COVID put some things on hold. An extra bonus has been Brenda's enthusiasm which makes this such an enjoyable experience. I'm so happy that I decided to work with her.

Becky Conover


Brenda has been fantastic! She has helped me work through several transitions over the last year and a half, both in my corporate life and with building my own business. She is always there when I have questions or having a panic attack working through major changes. She has the empowering ability to calm you down, focus you on what's real and providing you with the support and tools so you can get what you really desire out of life and your career! I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone going through any sort of change in their career or just looking for a coach to help you improve any aspect of you life!

Brad Dedon


Brenda Holley was just what I needed, when I needed it. I really appreciated that she was willing to adapt her coaching strategy to align with my priorities, and focused on that. Brenda helped me to see my strengths, even when it wasn't obvious to me. I was going through a major career change and she guided me through every step. She's a delight to work with!

Carey Glasscock


Brenda has helped me with my tendency to be all over the place when I have a lot going on. She is good at bringing me back to my center by using coaching techniques and refocusing and prioritizing what I want to do. On the personal side, she's helped me learn more about self-care. I have to put myself first at times to care for my family in the best way. Brenda rocks.

Charlotte Henson-Tucker


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your expert advice, wonderful encouragement, and thoughtful process. I was offered a Sr. Director and I accepted! The role is expansive and it also comes with a $15,000 pay increase from my previous role. The culture is a great fit as well. If I hadn't gone through job clarity exercises with you I don't think I would have had the confidence to even apply for this role. Thank you again. I'm shocked I was able to find something so quickly, and I am so thrilled!

Elizabeth Hague


As a design/marketing strategy professional I enjoyed working with Brenda! Brenda is invaluable to helping reach your goals, overcome adversity and see beyond self-limiting beliefs. I fully recommend Brenda and I was able to find significant advancement in my career path. As a confidante…. Brenda was an active sounding board in jumpstarting my career search. She provided value and understanding of complex corporate politics and was able to re-direct my energy in positive ways. As a cheerleader… Brenda anticipated and prepared me to navigate the unexpected, provided a cool confidence and translated my vision into manageable pieces. Her organizational process allowed me to connect the dots and focus on what mattered most. As a guide… Brenda’s guidance was appropriate and partnered with me when it mattered most. As an active listener she helped me pave my way to a brighter future of which I always knew was possible.

Erin E


There are so many wonderful qualities Brenda possesses and shares! Brenda is one of the most caring and knowledgeable people you can have on your team. When you hire her, feel secure that you are in the right hands. I also feel extremely confident recommending her to everyone I know.

Gail Turner-Cooper


I have been working with Brenda over the past several months and she has helped me immensely. Because of my work with Brenda, my resume and cover letter have a fresh look and she has helped me utilize LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in my field from across the country. Brenda let me lead the way and went at my own pace, however, she guided me through the process every step of the way. I also found Brenda to be quite skilled at asking the right questions in order to help guide my decision-making and goal setting when it comes to the next steps in my career. She's also a lovely human and is easy to connect with.

Jennifer H.


Brenda is my go to for sound, encouraging advice & coaching with a swift kick in the tail done in the gentlest way possible. She is a change and level-up specialist!

JoJo Gilbert-Ross


I’ve known Brenda for a dozen years and have always admired the level of commitment she devotes to her personal goals, her clients, her family and friends, and her passions. Her coaching and mentoring skills are off the charts because she intuitively combines knowledge with instinct. She can quickly assess a situation and assign action steps that are effective for both quick turnaround and long-term results. Brenda accurately reads people, assesses problems and potential, and always, always gives you her best. And being on the receiving end of “her best” can be a game-changer!

Karen Neal


Brenda consistently goes above and beyond to deliver top quality guidance and share effective resources.

Lauri S.


We worked with Brenda during the most tumultuous year of our business, 2020. Brenda has been able to hear our concerns and translate them into actionable plans that keep us accountable to ourselves and one another. Her commitment and professionalism, her levity and insight were tools that kept us focused on tasks and goals in a time when it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Brenda's consistent, precise followup after each session became our weekly action plan. She will remain a valuable advisor as we navigate the future.

Lee Pilgrim


How lucky for me that a mutual friend connected me to Brenda Holley! She came into my life just as I was at a crossroads and really needed someone sensible and logical to listen and guide. Brenda has helped me navigate my "new" normal and gave me lots of great advice along the way. She is definitely supportive and not afraid to call you out on silly thoughts. In addition, I felt confident in my thought process as she validated the "good". I so appreciate all she has done for me! Brenda is "solid"! I highly recommend her coaching services to any one in need!

Lisa Tanner


I worked with Brenda over the past six months to help me refine my professional dreams. At the time, I felt stuck - unsure how to describe my future career goals or define my worth. I found Brenda's viewpoint on everything from job searching and networking to resume building and LinkedIn optimization incredibly helpful. In addition to our coaching sessions, Brenda shared several of her courses and other resources to build my skill sets along the journey. Each resource provided powerful insights to aid our ongoing discussions. I believe finding Brenda is one of the best occurrences in my career journey. I am embarking on a new role, and I think this would not be possible without her guidance. As I was interviewing with several companies, she advised me on assertive follow-up questions that would best uncover the right opportunities for me. Simply put, Brenda is the best! Her friendliness, expertise, and inventiveness make her a particularly valuable coach. Her guidance will benefit anyone who takes their career seriously and wants coaching support to optimize their journey.

Megan H.


I met Brenda over 10 years ago when we were both volunteers for AMA-Atlanta. She has always been dedicated, organized and fun to work with. I hired Brenda during a time that I felt my job performance was not at it’s best and found her to be extremely insightful, focused and terrific at follow up. Since then she has given me the support and skills to find the best-suited job for me, encouraged me to always look at the bigger picture and to stay true to myself and my goals. Brenda cares deeply about the success of those that she works with and has a true calling for personal coaching. I will continue to recommend her for one on one coaching as well as joining her group sessions. I am so grateful that she is in my life and that I can call her a friend.

Michelle Miller


I started working with Brenda as I sat at the crossroads of going back to work for someone or to grow my business. Brenda has been a coach, an accountability partner, and a friend. My Achilles heel? Taking on too much and then spreading myself too thin. She has asked me to clarify, be intentional, and keep my goals in mind as I make decisions. For now, I am focused on growing my business and I am doing better than I would have ever taught. I also know that if life takes me in another direction, Brenda will be there to help me think through that journey as well.

T. Rassi


Looking for a great life coach? (Yes. You are!) Brenda Holley is a certified life coach. When I lost my job because the company closed, I looked her up. She has been a huge help during my job search. Brenda has gone above and beyond to get me focused on key ideas, thinking outside the box, and keeping me on track to accomplish goals in obtaining a new job. She is experienced and very savvy about helping people in their careers, whether excelling in their current career or finding a new one. Plus, she is an awesome individual as well. She is driven to help you, asking all the right questions. Do yourself a favor and contact her. It’s time to make that positive change! I am happy to say that just today I was offered a job with a great company and start working on Monday! Thanks for everything Brenda!!!

Thad Smith


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